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ConexionEs Spanish School, is a place where you will learn the Spanish language and culture, in a friendly way, with the use of the best educational tools.

Would you like to speak fluently and correctly with native Spanish speakers? We know that it is and we want to accompany you on this great adventure.


Tourist Xochitepec

Come and discover the magic that the beautiful town has for you. Xochitepec a town full of culture and tradition. Fall in love with the hill of flowers.

Signing of an agreement with the municipal government of Xochitepec Morelos.

Today, July 18, 2022, Conexión Spanish School, together with the government of Xochitepec Morelos, sign an agreement to work together for education.

We are very happy for this new agreement and for working together with our friends from the municipality of Xochitepec.

Our programs and services

Go figure; meet people, history, culture, food and the colors of the Spanish language.Do not think twice and study with our highly trained and best teachers, who love to teach you our language.

A). Provision of weekly Spanish grammar and conversation courses for foreigners

B). Presentation of pronunciation courses

C) Provision of courses on Mexican and Hispanic culture

D) Provision of courses on:

All Courses
  • Semester program

  • Executive program

  • Spanish program for specific uses

  • Scientific, educational, cultural, religious programs among others

  • Programs for children and adolescents

  • Tourist programs

  • Programs for international credits

  • Special programs at the request of foreign students

Our objetive

PROVIDE professional services in the area of ​​Spanish as a Second Language or Foreign Language, including consultancies, classes (face-to-face and online), in the learning of Spanish as a Foreign Language (ELE) and those related to them.

Courses for everyone

There are specialized courses for people; for students and professionals or even for travelers

Great opportunities

Spanish is spoken by almost 400 million people worldwide and is one of the fastest growing languages in the world.

Find the one that suits your needs

Spanish courses are available for all levels of fluency, ages and length of study.

Let's learn

Come and learn Spanish with us since every day, all over the world there are more opportunities for growth for those who master more than one language

We let you connect with Spanish!

ConexionES Spanish School is a company that is dedicated to developing specialized plans and programs in the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language (ELE) in its face-to-face and virtual modalities in Mexico and abroad.

We are ready to help you find the program that fits your needs.

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40260, Juan Ruiz de Alarcón 9, Interior L – 238, Barrio de la Veracruz, Taxco Guerrero. Plaza Taxco.


(+52) 777 613 0672